Neon summer girl photobombed by a lounging cow

During our impromptu photo-op in country land,
this particular cow suddenly approached us and
decided to plonk herself right behind me.
Sensing a kindred spirit perhaps,she was nonchalantly lounging and regurgitating,while photobombing me.
Or she just likes neon colors.


Two stupid cows

Just like 2 drops of water…


Neon girl and cow

Or birds cows of a feather,flock  lounge together…


Here is some farmer?!tool,which is as foreign as a cow to me,
but I rather cozy up to it,than to an actual alter ego cow.
Yes,call me a die-hard city girl.
Although I’ve been called stupid cow on numerous  occasions…


– Neon summer outfit

On top of the world gas  country station!
Annd that’s as far as I go with my farmer land exploration…
Back to the mothership city!
I am ready!
Beam me up,S-cow-tty!


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