Industrial multicolor outfit and shoes or the red lobster look

Here is my red lobster look.With a touch of industrialness-the red lobster straps and gladiatorness-the shoes.

Multicolor outfit

Multicolor outfit

”Red lobsters” straps.Also starring in this post,in different color Black tank top customized with slashes and red strings,made from old red t shirt.


Multicolor outfit

First came the multicolor gladiator boots,then came the idea about skirt with same color zippers.A while ago.Skirt also starring in this post

Turn back the time or time on my back look

Turn back the time or time on my back look

Back of the skirt is with big zipper and clock belt made from old hair barrette.
Aaand that was my attempt to turn back time.With the time on my back….


One thought on “Industrial multicolor outfit and shoes or the red lobster look

  1. Hello,

    Apologies for leaving this in a random place but I could not find your Contact/About Me Page.

    I’ve just had the fortune of being awarded the Liebster Award for beauty blogs and as part of the protocol I’m nominated/awarded 10 other blogs as well.

    The Liebster Award is a process where a blogger is ‘tagged’ by a blogger who has received the award and then if they accept it writes a post. In that post they let readers get to know them a bit better with:
    1) a number of personal facts (I’ve chosen 10 but it’s not arbitrary),
    2) answer the questions posted to them in the nominators post,
    3) propose a list of questions themselves to their own awardees
    4) finally list the awardees who the award will be passed to.

    As yours is a blog I enjoy and admire I’ve ‘tagged’ you as one of my awardees. I hope you don’t mind and whether you join in the game or not is your choice. I’ve displayed your banner (and the banners of the other awardees) on my award post in order to promote your blog and give readers a visual concept before clicking. If for any reason that is unacceptable to you please let me know and I will remove it.

    Full details can be found in my post here:

    Thank you for putting together such a great blog that interests and inspires.


    (dapperdolly of

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