Easybreazy rawsome summer salad

Here is some supereasy,supernutritius,super-colorliscious salad to please your mouth and eyes and especially your gut.

It starts with one of the best probiotic foods-fermented red cabbage.
Super easy to make-just toss in a big jar shredded red or green cabbage,add 3 tb.spoons of sea salt cover with water and keep it at a room temperature for a week to ferment.
After that you can store it in your fridge for up to 2-3 weeks.Use it to toss in salads or on its own.


Next ingredients are tomatoes,bean sprouts,orange snack peppers,cilantro,cucumber.
Add lemon juice,olive oil and Bam!-you have a nutrition powerhouse.An enzyme bomb to blast all that bad bacteria in your gut.


Your gut will thank you,since its jam packed with probiotics to help populate it  with good bacteria.

And here is one more ”salad”that your mouth will thank you.And then some.



I’ve been telling that to myself for years…


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