Royal green,jewels and bright yellow outfit and the old Model

Now,how often do you get to be totally overshadowed by a woman in her 60’s?
All while wearing your favorite feeling-oh-so-cool green outfit?
I just walked by this purse store and then I saw this Green model lady on the window display,advertizing awesomeness!!


Green dressed  chicks

Touche,my Window lady-you win this one! Looking good! !It was about time somebody put an 60 plus unbotoxed,unplasticized model in the limelight!


Green dressed chicks

On the other hand,we have a lots in common,so let count the ways:
Green dress-check!
Comfy,sensible sandals-check!
Big handbag-check!
Blonde and cheeky-check!
Young at heart Ladies of certain(over 40)age-check!
Juuust like 2 drops of water,aren’t we ?


Green silk dress and jewel belt

Green silk dress-trifted.
I gave it the easybreazy makeover-cut it short,cut the belt and the straps.
Then added my own bejeweled yellow belt and matching bejeweled straps.
Unfortunately,the day before I got bitten on the beach by a shit fly and my left foot started to swell from an allergic reaction,so I had to wear this walking,sensible sandals, instead of my hip yellow and green heels.Totally un-matching, I know.Damn you,Shit fly.Boo-hoo for me.


Green dress with yellow accents

Also added my ever present big yellow flower on my head.
Green patent leather handbag,bought especially for this dress, finishes the look.
Hooray for the green and the Old Sassy Lady!


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