Cassete tape outfit with a touch of nostalgia,umbrellas and city trip

I looove music and everything music related.I also happened to be related to music, since I married a professional jazzsician (jazz musician).
So it’s only natural that I eat,breath,kiss and wear music.Case in point-cassette tape skirt and belt.Made by me using recycled materials.


Cassete tape outfit with carton stereo

My husband had some studio recording and I joined him for a 3 hour drive to a little city ,wearing appropriate for the occasion cassete tape outfit.Upon out arrival to the studio, this old school cassete player stereo greeted us in the entrance.Boom!Cosmic coincidence or what? On the same day I wear my cassete tape outfit I find this made of carton stereo in a far away recording studio?A perfect compliment to my clothes.


Carton stereo

The old school stereo.In all his carton glory.How appropriate for entrance of a music studio


Street with umbrellas

After the recording we went some city exploration and we found this!!! Umbrella street!


Umbrella street

A colorful umbrella- -ella-ella heaven on and old town street.


Street umbrellas

Fly me to the moon or Marry Poopins 2.0 (typo and it stays).

Well,the umbrellas didn’t fly me to the moon,but to this! house.Which is like the moon, since there are not many houses in Holland which look like this!

Colorful artistic house

Colorful artistic house

Absolute artist heaven.Why more painters can’t live their art like this.In a house fit for an artist.

A 009 copy

Colorful house with a message

And here is my favorite part of the house.
The message on the entrance door.
Which is totally going to be my new motto.
Translated from dutch,it says:
Those who don’t believe in miracles,are not realists!

Amen to that!
And to more colorful days like that!


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