A cosmic happenstance or my new favorite word

A while ago, while walking alongside riverbank,

Roses are red outfit

Roses are red and the water is wet

I was blown away by the beauty of a lonely tree with his glorious crown illuminated by the sunlight.



I stopped and couldn’t help but wonder:

Red rose

Red rose and the river

Is there really a word,which can describe the beauty I was seeing.A word, to capture the essence of that natural phenomenon…

Komorebi and me

Komorebi and me

So I ran to the tree and hid in it’s shadow and felt all that light,seething through it…
If only there was a word to describe that feeling….

Few weeks passed and then a cosmic happenstance!
I discover that there is a word for that, in the japanese language.
A single word,so beautiful and simple.Poetic word.A potent word.



It’s my new favorite word,hands down.
A happy word.
It’s a beautiful thing!


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