Decadent raw chocolate bliss to chase the monday blues

Decadent and bliss are not normally associated with mondays,but that’s  why I am bringing you this raw creation.
Beat the monday blues and that afternoon slump with this Oh-so-sweet chocolate mousse/icecream/froyo concoction.
With all natural,guilt free ingredients…And the ONLY time you will catch me eating bananas!

Raw vegan chocolate dessert

Raw vegan chocolate dessert

Rich, and gooey and chocolately…Just the right afternoon snack.

Raw vegan chocolate bliss

Raw vegan chocolate bliss

Very simple.Time saving.Easy.Breazy to do.

Bananas and persimons

Bananas and perssimons

Main ingredients-well ripe(with brown spots)frozen or normal bananas and big juicy perssimon(mine was frozen too.).Side note-Bananas for bananas I am not and can’t be caught dead eating them yellow suckers,so that’s the only time I declare peace with the enemy bananas.And that’s saying something about that(recipe).

Raw chocolate bliss recipe

Raw chocolate bliss recipe

In a high powered(3HP) blender,put a bit of water (half cup)and add unsweetened shredded coconut with a big heap of unsweetened cocoa(mine is from Trader Joe).Then just add the bananas and the perssimon and blend your way to a chocolate heaven…If you are a cinnamon addict like me, you can drown sprinkle that in too…Pop in freezer so it sets and becomes more gooey and froyoey…

Go ahead.Chase the monday blues with my choco-coco-bliss!
Mmmm, good.
No sugar added.
Raw.Full of healthy goodness.
Guilt free.Good stuff.


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