Pink bling-thing in the city or I was born this way

Of Glendale…
Or what not to wear at a job interview…
Supposedly for a creative,self-standing entrepreneurial kind of job…
Which required a no jeans,smart attire…
And apparently reading from a script
So there for the creative spirit and input…
Needless to say, I didn’t get the job and felt as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike,just standing there, being me…
Being you is not so highly rated at a certain circles…
Then again,I was born this way!
Meanwhile the other candidates showed up in jeans!!Even though the instructions were not to.
So they got the job.
And I got a nice day,horsing pinking around in the city.
Ce la vie, as they say…

Horsing around in pink

Horsing around in pink

Bow your face in shame,you naughty boy…Showing off in the middle of a serious business district…Anatomically correct too.In the middle of the day!!!


The spirit of pink


Pink above the highway

They say, if you stand long enough on the bridge,the body of your enemy will  float drive past…Eventually…Still waiting…


Pinking the concrete jungle

Street style…


Pink is the new gold

Glendale, I love you this much!!

Outfit and belt-made by me.


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