Cassete tape outfit with a touch of nostalgia,umbrellas and city trip

I looove music and everything music related.I also happened to be related to music, since I married a professional jazzsician (jazz musician).
So it’s only natural that I eat,breath,kiss and wear music.Case in point-cassette tape skirt and belt.Made by me using recycled materials.


Cassete tape outfit with carton stereo

My husband had some studio recording and I joined him for a 3 hour drive to a little city ,wearing appropriate for the occasion cassete tape outfit.Upon out arrival to the studio, this old school cassete player stereo greeted us in the entrance.Boom!Cosmic coincidence or what? On the same day I wear my cassete tape outfit I find this made of carton stereo in a far away recording studio?A perfect compliment to my clothes.


Carton stereo

The old school stereo.In all his carton glory.How appropriate for entrance of a music studio


Street with umbrellas

After the recording we went some city exploration and we found this!!! Umbrella street!


Umbrella street

A colorful umbrella- -ella-ella heaven on and old town street.


Street umbrellas

Fly me to the moon or Marry Poopins 2.0 (typo and it stays).

Well,the umbrellas didn’t fly me to the moon,but to this! house.Which is like the moon, since there are not many houses in Holland which look like this!

Colorful artistic house

Colorful artistic house

Absolute artist heaven.Why more painters can’t live their art like this.In a house fit for an artist.

A 009 copy

Colorful house with a message

And here is my favorite part of the house.
The message on the entrance door.
Which is totally going to be my new motto.
Translated from dutch,it says:
Those who don’t believe in miracles,are not realists!

Amen to that!
And to more colorful days like that!


Royal green,jewels and bright yellow outfit and the old Model

Now,how often do you get to be totally overshadowed by a woman in her 60’s?
All while wearing your favorite feeling-oh-so-cool green outfit?
I just walked by this purse store and then I saw this Green model lady on the window display,advertizing awesomeness!!


Green dressed  chicks

Touche,my Window lady-you win this one! Looking good! !It was about time somebody put an 60 plus unbotoxed,unplasticized model in the limelight!


Green dressed chicks

On the other hand,we have a lots in common,so let count the ways:
Green dress-check!
Comfy,sensible sandals-check!
Big handbag-check!
Blonde and cheeky-check!
Young at heart Ladies of certain(over 40)age-check!
Juuust like 2 drops of water,aren’t we ?


Green silk dress and jewel belt

Green silk dress-trifted.
I gave it the easybreazy makeover-cut it short,cut the belt and the straps.
Then added my own bejeweled yellow belt and matching bejeweled straps.
Unfortunately,the day before I got bitten on the beach by a shit fly and my left foot started to swell from an allergic reaction,so I had to wear this walking,sensible sandals, instead of my hip yellow and green heels.Totally un-matching, I know.Damn you,Shit fly.Boo-hoo for me.


Green dress with yellow accents

Also added my ever present big yellow flower on my head.
Green patent leather handbag,bought especially for this dress, finishes the look.
Hooray for the green and the Old Sassy Lady!

Tangerine dream flower power summery outfit with flower hairdo

Flowers and I are like this:


Close like this

So it is only natural that I continue my flower power garbage bin posing fashion week?! with yet another flower inspired outfit.


Tangerine dream outfit

Or  flower firebal tangerine dream in front of the garbage bin(see above).

Tangerine dream outfit

Tangerine dream outfit

Dress –H&M. Belt-self made.


Tangerine dream head decoration

Hair in a high bun with 3 orange flowers.


Tangerine dream outfit

There is a fireball on my fire-tempered head.How appropriate.

Did I mention that I love love love
Tangerine Dream.

Pink and gold outfit,flowers and a pink cow

Mission Pink is always on for me.
Light-hearted and with Pink outlook in life,
I love looking for pinkery in every shape,form and place.
Now,how often do you get to meet a pink cow?
In the middle of the city?
On the same day that you wear your little pink Pink outfit.
Or just great cows minds think dress alike.

Pink cow and me

Pink cow and me

During our casual stroll to the local hospital,I spotted this pink Lady nestled in the ivy’s,so I just had to hop on top of it for some pink on pink fun.

Pink and gold outfit

Pink and gold outfit

PInk top with golden straps.Pink belt with golden flaps.Pink harness with golden buttons.All made by me using mostly recycled materials.

Pink and gold outfit

Pink and gold outfit

AA 011 copy

Pink harness and pink and gold top

While seeking more pinkery in the city, I found this beautiful old windows adorned by my favorite flowers.
How perfect.And pink.

Summer,cyber,neon and flower power outfit

My absolute favorite things all at one outfit for still hot summer days.
Neon-the glasses.Cyber/rave the top.Backless-the top.Silk and pleated-the skirt.Flowers-but of course!

Flower and neon outfit

Flower and neon outfit

I had this purple cyber-goth top for ages and never wore it.Not even once.So it was about time to dust it off and give it some neon oomph.I attached this huge neon stripe on the back and also on the little silk skirt.


Cyber,neon backless outfit


Flowers and neon and cyber and summer

Backless and easybreazy.


Flowers and neon and cyber and summer

Neon sunglasses and hair in a messy bun with black flowers.
Not too perfect.

Yellow and green industrial outfit

I always feel at home at Home Depot.All these rough,tough materials,especially the metal,are just crying for my attention and basically begging me to re-purpose them.And finally give them a purpose.A fashion purpose.



I absolutely adore the industrial look of that table.With joined metal pipe legs and simple wood,it makes the perfect place to showcase my outfit.
Oh, how I love thee.Frog metal clips in boring metal color got their yellow-green makeover with my painting brush.Voila-top-straps.!



Also got these tool thingies(I don’t know the name or the use)and painted them too.Voila-a belts.



My silver metal shoe clips also got the painting brush treatment.



And that’s how you do mellow-yellow.Industrial style.

Blue-green mean summer outfit and nails

Here we go again with my soft spot for green-blue marriage.With a touch of neon and silver.

Apple green skirt –H&M.Belt and head flower-made by me.Silver hologram shoes-Ebay.


Green bag with wooden multicolored beads-trifted.


Blue jacket,customized by me.Also starring in this post


I loved so much this colored wooden beads,that I had to paint my nails to match them.
Just dabbed haphazardly some dots on  different colored nails and…
Bob’s your uncle…(English slang for There you go)
Easybreazy summer fun…

Massive attack of velvet and bling on a swing or shine-on outfit

Here is swing with a bling thing.
The inspiration for this look were the shiny metallic fabrics,bling,velvet and Massive attack‘s Blue lines.And then came the swing.


Swinging and blinging

Skirt made from shiny,satiny fabric and velvet.Arm warmers made from knee-high socks with cut-out heels.


Swinging and blinging

Here is the look with a leather jacket,customized by me with hologram patches.

Bling outfit with leather jacket

Bling outfit with leather jacket

Deep purple velvet top with tons of bling and soft fur-ish trim.


Swinging and blinging

Simple black cap,which I pimped with stones and mirrors.Belt with bling,also starring in this post


Swinging and blinging

Music is my constant source of inspiration.
Oftentimes,all I need to do to put an outfit,is to listen to music.
In this case, it was the practically classic Blue Lines by Massive attack.

Swinging and blinging!Woo hoooo!

Mother Nature,The dike and me or Van Gogh was there once…may be

Sundays church attendance??!! No,thank you.Very much.
In order to reconnect with the divine,with  the almighty Vis Vitalis (from latin-life force),we go to the Mother Nature.


Green dike,sea,girl and freedom

To the vast,open,wind swept places,where you can feel the almighty Mother nature.
The earth.
The sea.
The greenery.
The high in the sky,like painted with Van Gogh brush clouds.
The Freedom of being.The lightness of being.


Green dike,girl and freedom

Because there is nothing more powerful,beautiful and scary,all in one breath,than Mother Nature.
She is everywhere,free, and doesn’t need your donations,collective prayers,sermons or sunday’s attendance.


Green steep  dike in Holland

This sunday we went to this Majestic dike.It’s miles long and almost 45 degree steep,which I personally tested with my elbows on my knees.Yes,the Earth is indeed not flat,confirmed.
Here is a sample how small(and very clumsy),we are,compare to all that vastness.

Steep dike and a girl on knees

Steep dike and a girl on all four

Mother Nature-Infinite and tangible at the same time.Freedom!And a touch of Van Gogh in the air…At least that’s what I thought about,walking the endless coastal line…


Very Van Gogh-ey view

What better way to spend a sunday,than to reconnect with Mother  Nature.To re-energize.To recharge.On your own terms,tempo and easy-ness…
Here is to the Beautiful!
And very inspiring!
And majestic Mother Nature!
How very Van Gogh-ey!

A post from lamp post or bright summer outfit with flower head

Shining bright like a diamond lamp post at night.
A post from a lamp post.
Or dancing with the lamp post.


Lamp post with flower top and a girl on top

If the shoe lamp post fit,I go for it and make it part of the outfit.Because we both have flowery heads.


Lamp post with flower top and a girl on top

I almost can balance without holding it.Almost..


Lamp post with flower top and a girl on top

Feeling 8 feet tall.Because I am 8 feet tall,propped on that thing.


Lamp post with flower top and a girl on top

Flower on top of my head and above my head too.
Flower power!
I ‘m gonna miss my matchi-matchi flowery lamp post…
Skirt-H&M.Bright top-cropped by me.Belt made from metal and stones.Flower headband made from old deco flower.