New word alert

We all know one,right?!





A cosmic happenstance or my new favorite word

A while ago, while walking alongside riverbank,

Roses are red outfit

Roses are red and the water is wet

I was blown away by the beauty of a lonely tree with his glorious crown illuminated by the sunlight.



I stopped and couldn’t help but wonder:

Red rose

Red rose and the river

Is there really a word,which can describe the beauty I was seeing.A word, to capture the essence of that natural phenomenon…

Komorebi and me

Komorebi and me

So I ran to the tree and hid in it’s shadow and felt all that light,seething through it…
If only there was a word to describe that feeling….

Few weeks passed and then a cosmic happenstance!
I discover that there is a word for that, in the japanese language.
A single word,so beautiful and simple.Poetic word.A potent word.



It’s my new favorite word,hands down.
A happy word.
It’s a beautiful thing!

Easybreazysm,Word of the day-Ga!lamour


A fusion between glamour(duh) and ga!
as in gah!(munus the frustration),
what(with a silent t),
Hmmm-with approval and bewonderment(or not-depends who you ask).
Basically a light hearted take on the glamour,like tongue-in- cheek-kinda glamour,where every piece of hair and make up is not always in place,and the look and outfit is fun,unexpected and make you go ga!
GA!+ AMOUR(love in french)=Ga!lamour
Fabulous without being too perfect,or to take oneself too seriously.In other words,fun,creative,not for every taste glamour.Emphasis on fun,not perfection.There.

Easybreazism or word of the day

Goo-goo-ga-ga – crazy,swoon,liking something to death,total admiration
As in goo-ga -Overkill. Excessive shiz. Way way way too much. Ridiculously overdone,
but with more punch.
For instance :The crowd went goo-goo-ga-ga over Lady Ga-ga new look.(Ha-ha,too easy example,but you get my point.)
Also used as a verb, or exclamation.

Daily (Diurnalis) Poem -Courage by Wish Belkin


When evening comes the shadows grow, as the sun begins to set.
Take care that you don’t come to know, a thing that’s called regret.
Not what you try or what you do, throughout a carefree youth.
It’s what you don’t you’ll come to rue, when time reveals it’s truth.

There is wisdom to be had from mistaken words and acts.
You’ll find that failure’s not so bad, it strengthens you in fact.
Rejection’s fear or the fear of failure, that paralizes you.
Is the stuff of tears and that which keeps you dreams from coming true.

It takes a certain kind of nerve to tell someone you care.
But then nature tends to serve the person who would dare.
Bravery isn’t something you can cultivate from seed.
It must be conjured up anew each time that there’s a need.

So take these words and hold them close, it’s certain you’ll find that,
one second of courage to speak from the heart will result in you hearing them back.

by Wish Belkin’s ”Diurnalis”

P.S. And that was the diurnalis poem (the daily poem, the poem of the day)
My new favorite word -diurnalis-from latin -daily


I believe you can express your creativity and uniqueness in many different ways-with colors, clothes, style,art,words,being free of inhibitions

I especially like making new words,almost like a secret language, which only the one with open mind can understand

So here is my made up word i looove using lately


It means something is put brilliantly together, working in perfect synchrone and being bigger that a sum of its parts-like a symphony

example 1

Today you look very symphonic-means very artsy, quirky,interesting,unique.

example 2
Cristian Dior couture collection 2010 was PURE SYMPHONISM.

Stay Symphonic.

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