Pink bling-thing in the city or I was born this way

Of Glendale…
Or what not to wear at a job interview…
Supposedly for a creative,self-standing entrepreneurial kind of job…
Which required a no jeans,smart attire…
And apparently reading from a script
So there for the creative spirit and input…
Needless to say, I didn’t get the job and felt as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike,just standing there, being me…
Being you is not so highly rated at a certain circles…
Then again,I was born this way!
Meanwhile the other candidates showed up in jeans!!Even though the instructions were not to.
So they got the job.
And I got a nice day,horsing pinking around in the city.
Ce la vie, as they say…

Horsing around in pink

Horsing around in pink

Bow your face in shame,you naughty boy…Showing off in the middle of a serious business district…Anatomically correct too.In the middle of the day!!!


The spirit of pink


Pink above the highway

They say, if you stand long enough on the bridge,the body of your enemy will  float drive past…Eventually…Still waiting…


Pinking the concrete jungle

Street style…


Pink is the new gold

Glendale, I love you this much!!

Outfit and belt-made by me.


Go-to-fitness meal for a dollar or bang for the buck

Yes,you can have it all.For dinner.
High protein,low-carb,delicious,nutritious chicken amaze-burger with cauliflower ”rice”.Paleo too.
For a dollar!!!

Chicken amaze-burgers with cauliflower rice

Chicken amaze-burgers with cauliflower rice

My biggest challenge lately is keep my level of fitness and killer nutrition on a shoe string budget.You don’t have to resort to eating junk, just because is cheaper and more convenient in a times.Rough financial times call for even better eating habits,since you need all the vital energy for overcoming the temporary curve balls life trows every now and then.So I quickly became somewhat of a whiz-cuisine-whip-it-for a dollar chef-cook.All you need is research and maths.And imagination.As you can see, fitness meal doesn’t have to mean expensive protein bars,shakes,man made in a lab concoctions with sky high prices.
I like to keep it simple.Primal.Essential.
No bull.For a dollar.

Here is the breakdown of my shopping list for this dinner
0.20 cents cauliflower !                 1 cauliflower head head-1 $ -my local grocery store- yields 5 portions
0.40 cents minced chicken –        1 lb minced 2.78 $ local grocery store-yields 7 portions
0.10 cents worth of onion –           3 big bunches spring onions – 1 $ local grocery store-yields 10 portions for different uses
0.10 cents worth of cillantro-       4 bunches cillantro – 1 $ local grocery store-yields many portions for future uses
0.20 cents 2 eggs
2-4 tbsp old fashioned oats

Total $ 1 per portion.Bang for the buck!



For the chicken amaze-burgers:
In a bowl combine the
5 chopped spring onions
1 lb minced chicken
2 eggs
chopped cillantro
2 tbsp oats
salt,pepper,cayenne pepper,cumin and lime juice to taste(1-2 tbsp)
Form patties and bake in oven on 400.



It came out as total of 7 patties 6 perfect (amazeburgers) and 1 odd shaped,shown here:



On the right is my cauliflower rice with turmeric.
Easy breazy to make,low carb,low calorie and tasty,even for anti-cauliflower-er like me.I never liked the stuff.Till this concoction came out.
In a powerful blender toss the roughly chopped cauliflower and pulse till grain consistence.
Heat some coconut oil and fry some spring onions with salt,pepper,turmeric,cayenne.
Add the cauliflower rice, and stir fry for 10 min or so.At the end add more chopped cilantro for taste.

Serve with some chopped veggies,like tomatoes,or cucumber.
Easy.Breazy.For a dollar.
Now that’s a true dollar value meal.

Royal green,jewels and bright yellow outfit and the old Model

Now,how often do you get to be totally overshadowed by a woman in her 60’s?
All while wearing your favorite feeling-oh-so-cool green outfit?
I just walked by this purse store and then I saw this Green model lady on the window display,advertizing awesomeness!!


Green dressed  chicks

Touche,my Window lady-you win this one! Looking good! !It was about time somebody put an 60 plus unbotoxed,unplasticized model in the limelight!


Green dressed chicks

On the other hand,we have a lots in common,so let count the ways:
Green dress-check!
Comfy,sensible sandals-check!
Big handbag-check!
Blonde and cheeky-check!
Young at heart Ladies of certain(over 40)age-check!
Juuust like 2 drops of water,aren’t we ?


Green silk dress and jewel belt

Green silk dress-trifted.
I gave it the easybreazy makeover-cut it short,cut the belt and the straps.
Then added my own bejeweled yellow belt and matching bejeweled straps.
Unfortunately,the day before I got bitten on the beach by a shit fly and my left foot started to swell from an allergic reaction,so I had to wear this walking,sensible sandals, instead of my hip yellow and green heels.Totally un-matching, I know.Damn you,Shit fly.Boo-hoo for me.


Green dress with yellow accents

Also added my ever present big yellow flower on my head.
Green patent leather handbag,bought especially for this dress, finishes the look.
Hooray for the green and the Old Sassy Lady!

Tangerine dream flower power summery outfit with flower hairdo

Flowers and I are like this:


Close like this

So it is only natural that I continue my flower power garbage bin posing fashion week?! with yet another flower inspired outfit.


Tangerine dream outfit

Or  flower firebal tangerine dream in front of the garbage bin(see above).

Tangerine dream outfit

Tangerine dream outfit

Dress –H&M. Belt-self made.


Tangerine dream head decoration

Hair in a high bun with 3 orange flowers.


Tangerine dream outfit

There is a fireball on my fire-tempered head.How appropriate.

Did I mention that I love love love
Tangerine Dream.

Pink and gold outfit,flowers and a pink cow

Mission Pink is always on for me.
Light-hearted and with Pink outlook in life,
I love looking for pinkery in every shape,form and place.
Now,how often do you get to meet a pink cow?
In the middle of the city?
On the same day that you wear your little pink Pink outfit.
Or just great cows minds think dress alike.

Pink cow and me

Pink cow and me

During our casual stroll to the local hospital,I spotted this pink Lady nestled in the ivy’s,so I just had to hop on top of it for some pink on pink fun.

Pink and gold outfit

Pink and gold outfit

PInk top with golden straps.Pink belt with golden flaps.Pink harness with golden buttons.All made by me using mostly recycled materials.

Pink and gold outfit

Pink and gold outfit

AA 011 copy

Pink harness and pink and gold top

While seeking more pinkery in the city, I found this beautiful old windows adorned by my favorite flowers.
How perfect.And pink.

Summer,cyber,neon and flower power outfit

My absolute favorite things all at one outfit for still hot summer days.
Neon-the glasses.Cyber/rave the top.Backless-the top.Silk and pleated-the skirt.Flowers-but of course!

Flower and neon outfit

Flower and neon outfit

I had this purple cyber-goth top for ages and never wore it.Not even once.So it was about time to dust it off and give it some neon oomph.I attached this huge neon stripe on the back and also on the little silk skirt.


Cyber,neon backless outfit


Flowers and neon and cyber and summer

Backless and easybreazy.


Flowers and neon and cyber and summer

Neon sunglasses and hair in a messy bun with black flowers.
Not too perfect.

Yellow and green industrial outfit

I always feel at home at Home Depot.All these rough,tough materials,especially the metal,are just crying for my attention and basically begging me to re-purpose them.And finally give them a purpose.A fashion purpose.



I absolutely adore the industrial look of that table.With joined metal pipe legs and simple wood,it makes the perfect place to showcase my outfit.
Oh, how I love thee.Frog metal clips in boring metal color got their yellow-green makeover with my painting brush.Voila-top-straps.!



Also got these tool thingies(I don’t know the name or the use)and painted them too.Voila-a belts.



My silver metal shoe clips also got the painting brush treatment.



And that’s how you do mellow-yellow.Industrial style.

Blue-green mean summer outfit and nails

Here we go again with my soft spot for green-blue marriage.With a touch of neon and silver.

Apple green skirt –H&M.Belt and head flower-made by me.Silver hologram shoes-Ebay.


Green bag with wooden multicolored beads-trifted.


Blue jacket,customized by me.Also starring in this post


I loved so much this colored wooden beads,that I had to paint my nails to match them.
Just dabbed haphazardly some dots on  different colored nails and…
Bob’s your uncle…(English slang for There you go)
Easybreazy summer fun…

Blue umbrella and bling-bling outfit

Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of blue-green ensembles.
I just can’t stop.
Also I can’t stop with my neoprene obsession.
And bling.
So here we go again.With the bling-bling train.


Blue umbrella and bling outfit

Somethimes, I just buy umbrella,so I can use it as a matching accessory to an outfit.And then carry it even when it’s not raining.


Blue umbrella and bling jacket

Because it’s just the right shade of popping blue.End of.

BLING BLING 026 copy

Blue umbrella and bling outfit

Me and my ubrella-ella-ella.
Skirt made from very thick and velvety curtain.
I fell in love with the silky touch of that curtain in a thrift shop and
decided to make skirt of it,
since it was so heavy and light at the same time.
Shoes with bling-Sacha.


Bling-bling jacket


Bling-bling jacket and belt

Matching belt from neoprene and bling.Big blue stone ring.


Girl on top of convertible

What’s the point of having convertible, if you don’t shout from the roof top every chance you get.
And there are not that many here in rainy Holland.
So Candy apple(my car pet name,also the exact color),
brace yourself up for my high heels on your leather!
My husband gets mini-heart attack every time I jump with my heels on his precious soft leather-I mean the cars.


Convertible with a girl on top

So jump up…
With joy.
And work that umbrella-ella-ella.

Pink lady bug outfit with a touch of punk

I don’t know if pink lady bugs exist, but if they do ,that’s how they look in my book.


Pink lady bug outfit

I made the top from a children sport top with zipper,which I cropped short.Then sew the black ”bugs”-stones.


Pink Lady Bug outfit

The leftover pink pockets from the jacket ended up as a symmetrical pockets onto and old dress.


Pink Lady Big outfit

Back side of the dress and jacket


Pink Lady Bug outfit

I just happen to have the bug belt, so that came in handy.Also added my Guess heels with tassels and silver triangle heel end.

Black and pink lady bug outfit

Black and pink lady bug outfit

The fine-stretchy mesh and black velvet dots dress,used as underdress, completes the look.Pink  straps with big stones are  holding  the top dress up.

Must bug off now…After bugging you with my Pink-Lady-Bugginess…