Weekly healthy food prep or kitchen slave sunday

You wanna be fit, healthy, have your rawfood cake and eat it too…All you need is willpower 5 hours sweat around your blender, stove, oven, cutting, washing, buzzing, being almost deafened by buzzing from your kitchen helpers…
I’ve been slaving away aaaall morning long and here are the vegetables fruits of my labour.


1.Cauliflower ”rice”-half hourrrrrrr.Que horror!Chopping spring onions, sautéing them in coconut oil, then adding the pulverized in the kitchen robot cauliflower,and then there was THE stirring…But at the end it tastes like mashed potatoes.Very paleo.
2.Brcocoli-A staple is a staple.I know , not much science and haute cuisine here, but still takes time…
3.Baked cauliflower-yum!If you bake it long enough, it tastes very sweet.I also baked few broccoli florets,which are sitting pretty underneat that last pic.
It’s not easy eating clean and healthy!


Also whipped these chicken patties-my protein source throughout the week.I know they are not easy on the eye, but they are very tasty,clean and good for you.Here is the recipe: http://wp.me/p2iumO-1vy


Bought a huge bag with salad and cherry tomatoes and distributed it in Tupperware for easy access every weekday.


I am a 45 year old sweet potato virgin!I Till we came to US, I never, ever had a sweet potato in my mouth!Boy was I missing!
How was I living all these years!!So ,understandably(like all late in life virgins) I just can’t get enough of these sweet little thang.
Seen here-baked with skin sweet potato ”fries”.My go to snack.  If I crave something sweet, I just dip these in my avocado chocolate mousee .Heaven! And it won’t mess with your insulin. Saweet!


Another sweet potato post workout snack-pancakes.Perfect combo of protein-eggs, and good carbs-sweet potato and fat-coconut milk (few spoons) and coconut oil.


And now my pride and joy-My nut butters!!It was totally worth  it all the decibels from my kitchen robot, but after half hour of buzzing and nearly being deafened by my noisy machine, here they are…

1.Sunflower seed butter-Clean,healthy good for you fats source.Great snack on its own or paired with raisins, nuts cocos etc.
2.Avocado guacamole-avocado,cillantro, lemon juice,garlic,Himalayan salt.To add healthy fat and tasti-fy any salad or meat.
3.Avocado chocolate mousse!! Need I say more!
Few avocados (hass), stevia, cocoa, coconut water(or milk) and powerfull blender=Chocolate heaven!
4.Choco-butter-mix sunflower seed,shredded coconut,sesame seeds with stevia and cocoa!! Nuttella-shmuttela has nothing on these baby. And no, it doesn’t last a week…
And here is  me after 5 hours of ardous labour in the kitchen…



A moment like this calls for an immediate gratification-reward, so I whipped this banana-strawberry,pineapple,orange juice smoothie to pat my self on the back for the hard labour.

There!Get in my belly!


Life is good again. If only I should not have to wash alllll  the dishes….


Go-to-fitness meal for a dollar or bang for the buck

Yes,you can have it all.For dinner.
High protein,low-carb,delicious,nutritious chicken amaze-burger with cauliflower ”rice”.Paleo too.
For a dollar!!!

Chicken amaze-burgers with cauliflower rice

Chicken amaze-burgers with cauliflower rice

My biggest challenge lately is keep my level of fitness and killer nutrition on a shoe string budget.You don’t have to resort to eating junk, just because is cheaper and more convenient in a times.Rough financial times call for even better eating habits,since you need all the vital energy for overcoming the temporary curve balls life trows every now and then.So I quickly became somewhat of a whiz-cuisine-whip-it-for a dollar chef-cook.All you need is research and maths.And imagination.As you can see, fitness meal doesn’t have to mean expensive protein bars,shakes,man made in a lab concoctions with sky high prices.
I like to keep it simple.Primal.Essential.
No bull.For a dollar.

Here is the breakdown of my shopping list for this dinner
0.20 cents cauliflower !                 1 cauliflower head head-1 $ -my local grocery store- yields 5 portions
0.40 cents minced chicken –        1 lb minced 2.78 $ local grocery store-yields 7 portions
0.10 cents worth of onion –           3 big bunches spring onions – 1 $ local grocery store-yields 10 portions for different uses
0.10 cents worth of cillantro-       4 bunches cillantro – 1 $ local grocery store-yields many portions for future uses
0.20 cents 2 eggs
2-4 tbsp old fashioned oats

Total $ 1 per portion.Bang for the buck!



For the chicken amaze-burgers:
In a bowl combine the
5 chopped spring onions
1 lb minced chicken
2 eggs
chopped cillantro
2 tbsp oats
salt,pepper,cayenne pepper,cumin and lime juice to taste(1-2 tbsp)
Form patties and bake in oven on 400.



It came out as total of 7 patties 6 perfect (amazeburgers) and 1 odd shaped,shown here:



On the right is my cauliflower rice with turmeric.
Easy breazy to make,low carb,low calorie and tasty,even for anti-cauliflower-er like me.I never liked the stuff.Till this concoction came out.
In a powerful blender toss the roughly chopped cauliflower and pulse till grain consistence.
Heat some coconut oil and fry some spring onions with salt,pepper,turmeric,cayenne.
Add the cauliflower rice, and stir fry for 10 min or so.At the end add more chopped cilantro for taste.

Serve with some chopped veggies,like tomatoes,or cucumber.
Easy.Breazy.For a dollar.
Now that’s a true dollar value meal.

Show your support to the US car industry or cross fit to a new level

Aaand here is how I do it

Supporting the US car industry

Supporting the US car industry with my bare hands

Still loyal to the Chrysler Sebring family…We also had it in Holland,so once a fan,always a fan…

Which is not to say that this baby is flawless…As seen here, it needed some needed TLC from a pro.And up lifting and support from me-Ha!

Support the US car industry

Support the US car industry

Lately I’ve been ob.se.ssed. with power lifting,so it was only natural to take it to a higher-literally level.
Damn I am strong!
Take that cross-fitters with your tyres flipping-schmipping!!
I got the tires and the car-HA!
Just love them Mustang-wheels….

Fit inspiration or just do it

This is the fastest way to a puddle of sweat in your workout.Very effective and burns like hell tons of calories.

Reverse mountain climber

Reverse mountain climber

Yes,I just did that.
And it was A-blast.
So fun and sweaty.
Highly recommend is as a part if tabata training or high intensity training.
I did it on 15 incline with 3 km/hour speed.
Beware that when you get off you have to be very carefull not  to let the machine propel you forward.
Just sharply jump.
Like me a ninja.

And you really wanna jump to a six-pack,without the sweat,this could be the answer.

Instant six-pack

Instant six-pack

Take that,gym rats!

You are never too old to…

…Be prepared.Don’t mess with Minnesota seniors,especially the ladies!


No fear old lady

…Be a graffiti activist

Old graffiti activists

Old graffiti activists

…Step up your game.In a step up class.

Step up senior

Step up seniors class

…Or really step up.Or rather leg up and do some splits,while waiting for the bus…

Old gymnast

Flexible old lady

Hooray for the brazen seniors!!

Being of age doesn’t mean being old!

And yes,I wanna be like all of them when I grow old!!!

Bust a Move

10 sec. toes-in-hand position-check!

10 elevated push ups-check!

10 leg raises from side plank position-check!

10 push-ups -check!

Some call it yoga,
some called it boot-camp,
some call it body-weight training.

I call it Bust a move.
The easybreazy way to inject some exercise on those non-gym days.
No workout clothes,no yoga mats,no excuses.
Just fun.
And fresh air.

Make one of these days into
one of those days.

Bust a move.