Sciense dearest weekend

I am having a sci-overdose weekend, so here is another highly useful tidbit.


And I qualify. Apparently. Hm …With the rate I am being rejected from getting mundane 9 to 5 jobs, which comes with myriad of requirements I might have this Mars Mission thing as a plan B. It seem easier than getting an in-the-box-job, which always comes with the Think-outside-the-box-crap, can do attitude, and not-a -clock-watcher and team player bull shit excrement oxymoronic shit feces.
Moving on to even more deep science. Or here is where to find the smart people.


See. Plain and simple. Pubs and watering holes = smart labs. Cheers!

Here is to the Unknown. The mystery. The Holy curiosity , which makes a genius a genius.
Not knowing everything is half the fun!

Stay Curious!
And remember:
Everything happens for a reason.
And that reason is usially physics.




Just so you know or TGIF

File this under:
VII-Very Important Information or
Things you didn’t know about things you think you know:
”Cows kill approximately 22 people every single year in the US. Sharks are responsible for <1 death in the US, and fewer than six worldwide.
A few more animals more likely to kill you than sharks: deer (130 deaths in the US per year), dogs (30-35 deaths in the US per year) and horses (20 deaths per year).”


Sooo. That’s why people eat beef. It’s simply a revenge thing.
I knew it!

Show your support to the US car industry or cross fit to a new level

Aaand here is how I do it

Supporting the US car industry

Supporting the US car industry with my bare hands

Still loyal to the Chrysler Sebring family…We also had it in Holland,so once a fan,always a fan…

Which is not to say that this baby is flawless…As seen here, it needed some needed TLC from a pro.And up lifting and support from me-Ha!

Support the US car industry

Support the US car industry

Lately I’ve been with power lifting,so it was only natural to take it to a higher-literally level.
Damn I am strong!
Take that cross-fitters with your tyres flipping-schmipping!!
I got the tires and the car-HA!
Just love them Mustang-wheels….

Well,hello queen Maxima or I found the Dutch Queen in store

In case you wondering where is the Dutch queen Maxima at the moment…

Me and Princess Maxima in Vons

Me and Queen  Maxima in Vons

I found her at the checkout line at Vons in Los Angeles.
Gracing the cover of the ”Hello” magazine in spanish.
Well, hello Queen Maxima!!!
Or Hola!!!!!

Neon summer girl photobombed by a lounging cow

During our impromptu photo-op in country land,
this particular cow suddenly approached us and
decided to plonk herself right behind me.
Sensing a kindred spirit perhaps,she was nonchalantly lounging and regurgitating,while photobombing me.
Or she just likes neon colors.


Two stupid cows

Just like 2 drops of water…


Neon girl and cow

Or birds cows of a feather,flock  lounge together…


Here is some farmer?!tool,which is as foreign as a cow to me,
but I rather cozy up to it,than to an actual alter ego cow.
Yes,call me a die-hard city girl.
Although I’ve been called stupid cow on numerous  occasions…


– Neon summer outfit

On top of the world gas  country station!
Annd that’s as far as I go with my farmer land exploration…
Back to the mothership city!
I am ready!
Beam me up,S-cow-tty!

You are never too old to…

…Be prepared.Don’t mess with Minnesota seniors,especially the ladies!


No fear old lady

…Be a graffiti activist

Old graffiti activists

Old graffiti activists

…Step up your game.In a step up class.

Step up senior

Step up seniors class

…Or really step up.Or rather leg up and do some splits,while waiting for the bus…

Old gymnast

Flexible old lady

Hooray for the brazen seniors!!

Being of age doesn’t mean being old!

And yes,I wanna be like all of them when I grow old!!!

Few sealed and silly things that exist

You never know when you might need:

The stache

The stache

For when the emergency strikes, of course.
And you can’t live one more second without some manly?!? face fur.
To help you feel more Tom Seleck-ish and also to stache some leftover food for later.
They don’t call it stache for nothing, you know.
Speaking of food, here is your next genius plan B to quickly satisfy some egg-emergency Asap

Sealed hard boiled eggs

Sealed hard boiled eggs

Fresh and freshly sealed.
How fresh.
Because nothing saying fresh, like packed,sterilized and sealed in plastic-all natural stuff.
And how hard is boil a couple of eggs, I am asking you…

Here is one boxed and sealed delivery,which I might actually send to my hood Cat lady,

Cats in a box

Cats in a box

since for a while all I have been sending her is her own garbage bags full of rotting junk.
Which she insistently, without our permission troughs in our garbage bin!
And she lives few block down!!!
For why, I will never know.
She is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer,so she didn’t bother to cover her garbage tracks and even left some magazines with her address on the bags.And that’s how we identified out mysterious garbage polutter.
Hm,how do you pollute garbage, which already is a pollution?

Let’s leave that philosophical conundrum for later.

The daily What.The.F.

And I do mean WTF!!

Local ad board

Local supermarket ad board

During out trip to local supermarket,we checked the advertisement board and this little gem poked our eyes out.
Next to ads for selling boats,offering house help,wanting old couch,this wanted ad reads

Wanted black baby born

Wanted: black baby born

In an extremely illiterate dutch
Wanted:Black baby born !
Followed by a phone number.
I don’t know whats more scary:

  • That this person is so illiterate and can’t spell or
  • advertises this on a supermarket board or
  • wants black (hm…) baby only (just born ,I presume from the broken dutch)

And I am really,really curious how many suppliers of ”black baby’s born” have contacted this advertiser with some offer…