Weekly healthy food prep or kitchen slave sunday

You wanna be fit, healthy, have your rawfood cake and eat it too…All you need is willpower 5 hours sweat around your blender, stove, oven, cutting, washing, buzzing, being almost deafened by buzzing from your kitchen helpers…
I’ve been slaving away aaaall morning long and here are the vegetables fruits of my labour.


1.Cauliflower ”rice”-half hourrrrrrr.Que horror!Chopping spring onions, sautéing them in coconut oil, then adding the pulverized in the kitchen robot cauliflower,and then there was THE stirring…But at the end it tastes like mashed potatoes.Very paleo.
2.Brcocoli-A staple is a staple.I know , not much science and haute cuisine here, but still takes time…
3.Baked cauliflower-yum!If you bake it long enough, it tastes very sweet.I also baked few broccoli florets,which are sitting pretty underneat that last pic.
It’s not easy eating clean and healthy!


Also whipped these chicken patties-my protein source throughout the week.I know they are not easy on the eye, but they are very tasty,clean and good for you.Here is the recipe: http://wp.me/p2iumO-1vy


Bought a huge bag with salad and cherry tomatoes and distributed it in Tupperware for easy access every weekday.


I am a 45 year old sweet potato virgin!I Till we came to US, I never, ever had a sweet potato in my mouth!Boy was I missing!
How was I living all these years!!So ,understandably(like all late in life virgins) I just can’t get enough of these sweet little thang.
Seen here-baked with skin sweet potato ”fries”.My go to snack.  If I crave something sweet, I just dip these in my avocado chocolate mousee .Heaven! And it won’t mess with your insulin. Saweet!


Another sweet potato post workout snack-pancakes.Perfect combo of protein-eggs, and good carbs-sweet potato and fat-coconut milk (few spoons) and coconut oil.


And now my pride and joy-My nut butters!!It was totally worth  it all the decibels from my kitchen robot, but after half hour of buzzing and nearly being deafened by my noisy machine, here they are…

1.Sunflower seed butter-Clean,healthy good for you fats source.Great snack on its own or paired with raisins, nuts cocos etc.
2.Avocado guacamole-avocado,cillantro, lemon juice,garlic,Himalayan salt.To add healthy fat and tasti-fy any salad or meat.
3.Avocado chocolate mousse!! Need I say more!
Few avocados (hass), stevia, cocoa, coconut water(or milk) and powerfull blender=Chocolate heaven!
4.Choco-butter-mix sunflower seed,shredded coconut,sesame seeds with stevia and cocoa!! Nuttella-shmuttela has nothing on these baby. And no, it doesn’t last a week…
And here is  me after 5 hours of ardous labour in the kitchen…



A moment like this calls for an immediate gratification-reward, so I whipped this banana-strawberry,pineapple,orange juice smoothie to pat my self on the back for the hard labour.

There!Get in my belly!


Life is good again. If only I should not have to wash alllll  the dishes….


Decadent raw chocolate bliss to chase the monday blues

Decadent and bliss are not normally associated with mondays,but that’s  why I am bringing you this raw creation.
Beat the monday blues and that afternoon slump with this Oh-so-sweet chocolate mousse/icecream/froyo concoction.
With all natural,guilt free ingredients…And the ONLY time you will catch me eating bananas!

Raw vegan chocolate dessert

Raw vegan chocolate dessert

Rich, and gooey and chocolately…Just the right afternoon snack.

Raw vegan chocolate bliss

Raw vegan chocolate bliss

Very simple.Time saving.Easy.Breazy to do.

Bananas and persimons

Bananas and perssimons

Main ingredients-well ripe(with brown spots)frozen or normal bananas and big juicy perssimon(mine was frozen too.).Side note-Bananas for bananas I am not and can’t be caught dead eating them yellow suckers,so that’s the only time I declare peace with the enemy bananas.And that’s saying something about that(recipe).

Raw chocolate bliss recipe

Raw chocolate bliss recipe

In a high powered(3HP) blender,put a bit of water (half cup)and add unsweetened shredded coconut with a big heap of unsweetened cocoa(mine is from Trader Joe).Then just add the bananas and the perssimon and blend your way to a chocolate heaven…If you are a cinnamon addict like me, you can drown sprinkle that in too…Pop in freezer so it sets and becomes more gooey and froyoey…

Go ahead.Chase the monday blues with my choco-coco-bliss!
Mmmm, good.
No sugar added.
Raw.Full of healthy goodness.
Guilt free.Good stuff.

A cosmic happenstance or my new favorite word

A while ago, while walking alongside riverbank,

Roses are red outfit

Roses are red and the water is wet

I was blown away by the beauty of a lonely tree with his glorious crown illuminated by the sunlight.



I stopped and couldn’t help but wonder:

Red rose

Red rose and the river

Is there really a word,which can describe the beauty I was seeing.A word, to capture the essence of that natural phenomenon…

Komorebi and me

Komorebi and me

So I ran to the tree and hid in it’s shadow and felt all that light,seething through it…
If only there was a word to describe that feeling….

Few weeks passed and then a cosmic happenstance!
I discover that there is a word for that, in the japanese language.
A single word,so beautiful and simple.Poetic word.A potent word.



It’s my new favorite word,hands down.
A happy word.
It’s a beautiful thing!

My melons and I or birthday hairstyle inspired by my youth

In case you have burning desire to know when I got my love for big bows on my head,here is your answer:


Two year old and already with a huge bow bigger than my head.


Keeping my eyes on the bow.


My favorite bow with red dots.


Bows are forever.


Even half-asleep I always had my bow perky.


I am crying because Santa’s got bigger headgear than me.

My melons and I

My melons and I

So I decided to keep with the big bow hairstyle for my 45 birthday this week.You are never too old to have a big bow on your head.


Big bow hairstyle

First I put my hair in a middle of my head tight ponytail.

Big bow hairstyle

Big bow hairstyle

Then added this melons big fascinator with a veil for more drama.
I love drama and I love big bows.
Since 1970.
Yeah,somethings never change…

Easybreazy rawsome summer salad

Here is some supereasy,supernutritius,super-colorliscious salad to please your mouth and eyes and especially your gut.

It starts with one of the best probiotic foods-fermented red cabbage.
Super easy to make-just toss in a big jar shredded red or green cabbage,add 3 tb.spoons of sea salt cover with water and keep it at a room temperature for a week to ferment.
After that you can store it in your fridge for up to 2-3 weeks.Use it to toss in salads or on its own.


Next ingredients are tomatoes,bean sprouts,orange snack peppers,cilantro,cucumber.
Add lemon juice,olive oil and Bam!-you have a nutrition powerhouse.An enzyme bomb to blast all that bad bacteria in your gut.


Your gut will thank you,since its jam packed with probiotics to help populate it  with good bacteria.

And here is one more ”salad”that your mouth will thank you.And then some.



I’ve been telling that to myself for years…

Fit inspiration or just do it

This is the fastest way to a puddle of sweat in your workout.Very effective and burns like hell tons of calories.

Reverse mountain climber

Reverse mountain climber

Yes,I just did that.
And it was A-blast.
So fun and sweaty.
Highly recommend is as a part if tabata training or high intensity training.
I did it on 15 incline with 3 km/hour speed.
Beware that when you get off you have to be very carefull not  to let the machine propel you forward.
Just sharply jump.
Like me a ninja.

And you really wanna jump to a six-pack,without the sweat,this could be the answer.

Instant six-pack

Instant six-pack

Take that,gym rats!

I’ve got the power or the best summer low-calorie drink

Say yes to the best raw food.
The watermelon.
Or Mr.Power fruit.
Here is your Watermelon Woman bringing Mr.Power home.
While humming the Watermelon man by Herbie Hancock.


The Watermelon woman

Admiring Mr.Power in all his 30 pounds glory!


Power Watermelon

Mr.Power’s soul sole.Red sole.

Red sole of a watermelon

Red soled watermelon


Watermelon stiletto

Mr.Flower power.


Flower crown on a watermelon

Mr.Power ,meet Mr.Power-ful Blender.Mr.Power-ful Blender, meet Mr.Power.


Powerful blender and watermelon

The aftermath of that Power meeting:
My powerful drink.Literally.
Since it’s full of electrolytes.

Blended melon

Blended melon

The best summer drink.
Easybreazy blended melon.
Just put the melon and  blend-for 2 minutes.
Simple.Fast to make and sweetly yum.
Big plus-contains all the fiber,unlike juicing.
Anti-oxidant.Low in calories and tastes oh-so-good.
A powerhouse of lycopene,citrulline,Vit.C and A.
Enjoy all the goodness of a juicy,ripe watermelon.On an empty stomach,since it doesn’t combine with any other foods.
A power fruit indeed.
All while listening to The Watermelon man.

The perfect raw food for travelling or health in a cup

Travels well.
Full of sunshine.
Doesn’t leave mess and sticky fingers afterwards.
In other words, I found the perfect snack for travelling.

Raw food on the road

Raw food on the road

The mini-veggie cups.!!Mini-tomatoes,mini-cucumber and mini sweet peppers!!
So simple,yet so good for you!
And even my husband likes it!(See pics)


Veggie cup for the road

The fresh,all natural V8 for when you are steering your V8 (or V6 in our case.)
It’s a breeze to pick and eat, while all your attention is where it should be:


Veggie snack for driving

On the road!
If that’s not the perfect driving snack,I don’t know what it is.
Stays firmly between your legs, so no messy spillage,crumbs or chocolate mess!
Side note:I know first hand about messy spillage, since I once ate raw ceviche! while driving!
And after a sharp turn my tupperware capsized and I ended up smelling like fish on places where I shouldn’t be smelling like fish!
Lesson learned-veggie-cup forever!


Veggie cup and driving

Spill-proof,tumble-proof and kills sugar cravings too.Steers you away from that overpriced gas-station emergency stop for M&M or Snickers.Win-win.


Perfect food for the road

The perfect raw delight!
Beautiful to look at too!
Enjoy your veggies!


Brown leather corset and mini melons non-mercial

A general rule for health is to not eat anything that has a commercial.
Yes to that.
But what about the unsung, non-commercial,non-profitable,humble,cheap heroes of the killer nutrition,who deserve major exposure.?Oh, the unjustice!
So I am trying to right this wrong and  counterstriking by doing my own non-marketable food ”com-mercial”.Make that non-mercial.
One or 2 melons at the time.


Mini melons and me

Here is a food that you won’t see on the big screens during a Superbowl.
The watermelon.
Watermelons are full of Water(Duh!).Dietary Fiber,.Niacin. Vitamin B6 and folate.Vitamin A.Vitamin C. Potassium.Low in calories,easily digestible.
All in all, an easybreazy fruit.
Great as a juice,blended, or on it’s on.Simply a cleansing King.One of my favorite fruits to use during cleanses.


Mini melons

I always eat it alone or blended with mint leaves.I rather blend,than juice, so I preserve the precious fiber.
And remember:
Always eat watermelon or watermelon drinks on an empty stomach.


Mini melons and me

Feel free to send your favorite,simple,cheap (as in cost,not value!!natural,real food or non-food non-mercials.
Because the best things in life are free and have no commercial.

P.s.Have you ever seen such a small melons?

Tomato versus cheese or what is nuttier

Every time I walk down the street eating a raw tomato,cucumber or a raw pepper, people look at me like I’m nuts!
I’m sorry, but since when eating a natural food in public is passe?! What’s unnatural, is that you  are drinking  a coke.Or Red bull.Or eating a cheese.Straight from the block..

The world we live in

The world we live in

How sad is  that nobody even blinks an eye  at that sight.Like it’s the most natural thing to sit next to somebody eating  cheese from the block ,but not a tomato?

So WTF dude?
Double standarts much?
And who is nuts?
Or nuttier?