Easybreazy rawsome summer salad

Here is some supereasy,supernutritius,super-colorliscious salad to please your mouth and eyes and especially your gut.

It starts with one of the best probiotic foods-fermented red cabbage.
Super easy to make-just toss in a big jar shredded red or green cabbage,add 3 tb.spoons of sea salt cover with water and keep it at a room temperature for a week to ferment.
After that you can store it in your fridge for up to 2-3 weeks.Use it to toss in salads or on its own.


Next ingredients are tomatoes,bean sprouts,orange snack peppers,cilantro,cucumber.
Add lemon juice,olive oil and Bam!-you have a nutrition powerhouse.An enzyme bomb to blast all that bad bacteria in your gut.


Your gut will thank you,since its jam packed with probiotics to help populate it  with good bacteria.

And here is one more ”salad”that your mouth will thank you.And then some.



I’ve been telling that to myself for years…


I’ve got the power or the best summer low-calorie drink

Say yes to the best raw food.
The watermelon.
Or Mr.Power fruit.
Here is your Watermelon Woman bringing Mr.Power home.
While humming the Watermelon man by Herbie Hancock.


The Watermelon woman

Admiring Mr.Power in all his 30 pounds glory!


Power Watermelon

Mr.Power’s soul sole.Red sole.

Red sole of a watermelon

Red soled watermelon


Watermelon stiletto

Mr.Flower power.


Flower crown on a watermelon

Mr.Power ,meet Mr.Power-ful Blender.Mr.Power-ful Blender, meet Mr.Power.


Powerful blender and watermelon

The aftermath of that Power meeting:
My powerful drink.Literally.
Since it’s full of electrolytes.

Blended melon

Blended melon

The best summer drink.
Easybreazy blended melon.
Just put the melon and  blend-for 2 minutes.
Simple.Fast to make and sweetly yum.
Big plus-contains all the fiber,unlike juicing.
Anti-oxidant.Low in calories and tastes oh-so-good.
A powerhouse of lycopene,citrulline,Vit.C and A.
Enjoy all the goodness of a juicy,ripe watermelon.On an empty stomach,since it doesn’t combine with any other foods.
A power fruit indeed.
All while listening to The Watermelon man.

The perfect raw food for travelling or health in a cup

Travels well.
Full of sunshine.
Doesn’t leave mess and sticky fingers afterwards.
In other words, I found the perfect snack for travelling.

Raw food on the road

Raw food on the road

The mini-veggie cups.!!Mini-tomatoes,mini-cucumber and mini sweet peppers!!
So simple,yet so good for you!
And even my husband likes it!(See pics)


Veggie cup for the road

The fresh,all natural V8 for when you are steering your V8 (or V6 in our case.)
It’s a breeze to pick and eat, while all your attention is where it should be:


Veggie snack for driving

On the road!
If that’s not the perfect driving snack,I don’t know what it is.
Stays firmly between your legs, so no messy spillage,crumbs or chocolate mess!
Side note:I know first hand about messy spillage, since I once ate raw ceviche! while driving!
And after a sharp turn my tupperware capsized and I ended up smelling like fish on places where I shouldn’t be smelling like fish!
Lesson learned-veggie-cup forever!


Veggie cup and driving

Spill-proof,tumble-proof and kills sugar cravings too.Steers you away from that overpriced gas-station emergency stop for M&M or Snickers.Win-win.


Perfect food for the road

The perfect raw delight!
Beautiful to look at too!
Enjoy your veggies!


The top 2 anti-aging universal everyday beauty habits.Period.

It is not your passing thoughts or brilliant ideas so much as your plain everyday habits that control your life“-Paramahansa Yogananda

Face brushing with shoe brush

There are only 2 universal beauty habits,which could benefit anybody.Anybody.Regardless of age or skin type.They also happens to be the cheapest.And easiest.All it takes is perseverance .To  preserve your skin without spend a fortune on products,which may work on somebody else, but not necessarily on your unique type of skin.Been there,have a closet full of face creams,lotions and potions and what nots.Some sorta-kinda worked,some not,some even brought me to the doctor.When I was 12 my friend(with oily skin) got rid  of her acne using a sulphur cream.Being the proud owner of a 3 pimples and inspired by her success,I bought the same  sulphur based cream and smeared it all over my face(dry,sensitive skin) including my eyelids and under my eyes  in overzealous bid to prevent future acne.Burned by the sulphur, my eyes completely closed and the skin around became shriveled like prune,snake-like and dry- and  it hurt  like hell-and landed me in the emergency room.It took a week and a  tube full of steroid cream to restore my eye lids and under-eye skin suppleness.So I learned the hard way the most important skin lesson of my life:Just because it works with XYZ,doesn’t mean it will work withYOU.Success with XYZ could be disaster with YOU.Be aware of your own unique skin type.Question all the miracle products.Read,read,read.Do your own research.Experiment with caution.I am 44 year old and always on the lookout for the best anti-aging concoctions or routines to keep my skin good without botox or surgery. I discovered that they are only 2 universal, one-for-all beauty habits which can benefit anybody,regardless of age and skin type.
This skin panacea is face and body brushing
The secret to young and supple skin is the exfoliation and skin turnover.All the expensive cosmetic procedures are based on the same premise-to create artificial,mild damage,injury to the top layer of skin, in order to stimulate  your own collagen production(microdermabrasio,dermarolling,chemical peeling).
Do your own  good ”damage” without causing a bank account damage.
It only takes 2 brushes,few bucks and 10-15 minutes a day.

Look up while brushing to prevent jowls and double chin

Face brushing.It’s a tripple whammy:
Brings blood to the skin surface-oxygen-nutrients-food
Exfoliator -skin turnover,regeneration,draws out impurities
Mini face massage-stimulates the muscles.
The skin rejuvenation speeds up when the dead skin cells are removed.
In the beginning brush gently,depending on your own skin sensitivity-use common sense-whats hard for some is too gentle for other.Use firm strokes and avoid the eye area.Look up while brushing to prevent jowls and turkey neck.Choose a firm brush.You don’t have to pay for ”Sissy brushes”- a specific face brushes,which  are way overpriced and soft to to bring blood flow to the surface of the skin, to refresh and invigorate.I use a cheap shoe polish brush-2 euro. It has the right hardness for my own type of skin( sensitive and thin).
I believe that face brushing is just as important as body brushing. Dead skin cells accumulate on the body as they do on the face.Brush from feet to heart direction,using firm strokes-circular on the belly and breast areas.It also helps with muscle soreness after a tough workout,since it brings blood flow to the surface .And whatever brush you choose,avoid the ”Sissy brushes”-boar-bristled brush they sell in most shops.They are too soft to to do the slough (exfoliation),might as well use a sponge-no good!I swear by cactus body brush-it has the right hardness to stimulate and exfoliate.Cactus hooray!
Mine is from Elemis and is with removable handle, which I removed and trowed .Body shop also have a cactus body brush, but theirs is with a fixed, un-removable handle-huge minus for me , since I am a handle-hater.If you have hands,why you need a handle-right?

Body brushing with cactus brush

I cant start my day without my brushing routine.It energizes  and pumps my blood right away.Instant wake up.
Give your face and body 15 minutes a day with a firm brush.
Hard brush-soft skin.
Did I mention it’s also best anti-aging habit you could have?