Pink bling-thing in the city or I was born this way

Of Glendale…
Or what not to wear at a job interview…
Supposedly for a creative,self-standing entrepreneurial kind of job…
Which required a no jeans,smart attire…
And apparently reading from a script
So there for the creative spirit and input…
Needless to say, I didn’t get the job and felt as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike,just standing there, being me…
Being you is not so highly rated at a certain circles…
Then again,I was born this way!
Meanwhile the other candidates showed up in jeans!!Even though the instructions were not to.
So they got the job.
And I got a nice day,horsing pinking around in the city.
Ce la vie, as they say…

Horsing around in pink

Horsing around in pink

Bow your face in shame,you naughty boy…Showing off in the middle of a serious business district…Anatomically correct too.In the middle of the day!!!


The spirit of pink


Pink above the highway

They say, if you stand long enough on the bridge,the body of your enemy will  float drive past…Eventually…Still waiting…


Pinking the concrete jungle

Street style…


Pink is the new gold

Glendale, I love you this much!!

Outfit and belt-made by me.


Go-to-fitness meal for a dollar or bang for the buck

Yes,you can have it all.For dinner.
High protein,low-carb,delicious,nutritious chicken amaze-burger with cauliflower ”rice”.Paleo too.
For a dollar!!!

Chicken amaze-burgers with cauliflower rice

Chicken amaze-burgers with cauliflower rice

My biggest challenge lately is keep my level of fitness and killer nutrition on a shoe string budget.You don’t have to resort to eating junk, just because is cheaper and more convenient in a times.Rough financial times call for even better eating habits,since you need all the vital energy for overcoming the temporary curve balls life trows every now and then.So I quickly became somewhat of a whiz-cuisine-whip-it-for a dollar chef-cook.All you need is research and maths.And imagination.As you can see, fitness meal doesn’t have to mean expensive protein bars,shakes,man made in a lab concoctions with sky high prices.
I like to keep it simple.Primal.Essential.
No bull.For a dollar.

Here is the breakdown of my shopping list for this dinner
0.20 cents cauliflower !                 1 cauliflower head head-1 $ -my local grocery store- yields 5 portions
0.40 cents minced chicken –        1 lb minced 2.78 $ local grocery store-yields 7 portions
0.10 cents worth of onion –           3 big bunches spring onions – 1 $ local grocery store-yields 10 portions for different uses
0.10 cents worth of cillantro-       4 bunches cillantro – 1 $ local grocery store-yields many portions for future uses
0.20 cents 2 eggs
2-4 tbsp old fashioned oats

Total $ 1 per portion.Bang for the buck!



For the chicken amaze-burgers:
In a bowl combine the
5 chopped spring onions
1 lb minced chicken
2 eggs
chopped cillantro
2 tbsp oats
salt,pepper,cayenne pepper,cumin and lime juice to taste(1-2 tbsp)
Form patties and bake in oven on 400.



It came out as total of 7 patties 6 perfect (amazeburgers) and 1 odd shaped,shown here:



On the right is my cauliflower rice with turmeric.
Easy breazy to make,low carb,low calorie and tasty,even for anti-cauliflower-er like me.I never liked the stuff.Till this concoction came out.
In a powerful blender toss the roughly chopped cauliflower and pulse till grain consistence.
Heat some coconut oil and fry some spring onions with salt,pepper,turmeric,cayenne.
Add the cauliflower rice, and stir fry for 10 min or so.At the end add more chopped cilantro for taste.

Serve with some chopped veggies,like tomatoes,or cucumber.
Easy.Breazy.For a dollar.
Now that’s a true dollar value meal.

Goodbuy Amsterdam,Hello Uncle Sam or new life in America

The aftermath or
What a year it has been!!!
Turbulent doesn’t even begin to describe it!
As stated in my previous entry,we moved house across the ocean(make that oceans) and starting a new life in California.
With no rich uncle to fall on,or any friends.
Then again,this is how we do it.
No fear.Head on.
Since july 2013 it has been go,go,go.
Cleaning all junk from our home.
Giving staff away to charities,to neighbours,to Johan the fruit guy…


Out with the old…

It’s amazing how much useful staff junk was lurking around the house…


Shoes-goodbye old friends

It pained me to part with my shoes,but I had to make a wise choice what to take  and what to leave…Aaahh..



My husbands old friends also had to go…

In six short months,we put our Dutch house for sale,quit a cushy job and easy life and moved to USA.
Goodbuy Amsterdam…Hello, Uncle Sam…


Goodbye Amsterdam


Goodbuy Rijksmuseum




Amsterdam,Museumplein and me


Sunflowers and Amsterdam

Just the 2 of us,followed by a 7 cubic meter container with all our (O.K.mostly mine 98 %) crap possessions.


Living in a box

Our life in boxes…


Best way to pack for transatlantic journey

69 of them, to be precise…


Best way to pack for transatlantic journey

We try to use some highly scientific method with paper tape on the floor to figure out the cubic meter size of the container needed,which of course didn’t quite pan out, so we ended up miscalculating.So 5 cubic meter turned out to be 7, and big pain in the …wallet.


Best way to pack for transatlantic journey

Note to all would be movers in another continent-when shipping stuff across continents,use plastic storage boxes and drawers,instead of paper.It’s more sturdy and rain-proof-as tested by us during our container loading day.It was freezing cold and rained cats and dogs. And boy, were we happy that we used plastic…

And here is my favorite moment of our journey to America.Trying so see the unknown.So full of hope.So full of promise.So full of the excitement.


Though the looking glass or the future is 15 hours away….in L.A.

Would it be turbulent.Or rough.Or smooth?!…As the saying goes:
”One day can make your life.One day can break your life.
All life is, is four or five days that change everything”  (Drew Barrymore,from Riding in cars with boys)
And that was THAT day.


On a wing and a prayer…

Giddy with excitement…
Future,here we come…
And that was the 2013 most defining moment…