Mary Poppins 2.0 or hello tartan trend

The thing is,I have a thing for tartan.
Always!Long before it was a trend.
I just love it.
For it’s perfect colors and versatility.It can be casual,formal,sexy,funky,preppy.
But most importantly,I always imagined tartan as a choice of wear of Mary Poppins.!!So here I am ”tarting” away with tartan.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Blown with the East wind,Mary Poppins style.Clicking heels.Aaaa!
”Practically perfect in every way”.(Quote’s Mary Poppins)


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Mary Poppins 2.0 outfit-Tartan ballerina skirt.Tartan umbrella.Vintage tartan bag..Ankle cuffs and matching sunglasses.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Metal neck collar.Top H&M.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Trying to put  the ”Putting on the Ritz” moves.”Supper-dupper”


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Just like that!


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

I believe I can fly.Or at least be blown by the East wind,Mary Poppins style.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Vintage(may be worn by Mary Poppins?) bag.

Bling bling belt

Bling bling belt

Self made belt with mirrors(magic,of course) and stones.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

During a sudden gust of wind,my umbrella acted as a hot air balloon and almost pulled  me away from  my space ship my giant shell .So I almost ,,popped out,, Mary Poppins style.



Vintage policeman meets a cheerleader meets the redhood outfit in red,white and blue

Love,love ,love vintage uniforms.Police,army,airforce,boy scouts,etc…I found this woolen vintage police jacket at a flea market and got really excited .The shoulderpads.The silver buttons.The cut.The fit..


Leutenant Dangle vintage police jaacket

I cropped it a little at the bottom,so it looks even more fitted and added some silver heart dangling from the left pocket. Insert Lieutenant Dangle (from RENO 911 series) jokes here.


Vintage police jacket outfit

Also added my vintage sour silver ”grapes” belt and golf Escada skirt,which looks more cheerleadery than golfy.Followed by red ,white and blue golf-y-preppy V-neck sweater underneath.While dangling my red,white and blue NY bag.


Vintage police jacket outfit

Red cap (nod to the Red Hood) with a bling  and red boot.Self-bejeweled sunglasses finished the look.

Hooray for vintage!
And the Red Hood!
And policeman! (Especially Lieutenant Dangle )
And cheerleaders!
Give me an H for Hooray!

Vintage outfit with a twist of shoe lace

It all started with a little woolen top.My favorite trends all mixed in:


Vintage outfit

A fusion between vintage(the top and the blue belt) ,steam punk (the shoes),self made(the skirt),see-through(the T-shirt)and glittering shoe-laces,worn as a hair clip.
I found this heavy wool little top with velvet trims at  a flea market and immediately fell in love with it’s vintagey,almost costumey vibe.


Vintage outfit

Then came the simple black skater skirt,which needed some extra trims to match top.I used old suspenders in wine color and blue elastic belt to create the middle stripes.


Vintage outfit with metal punk shoes with spikes

Also added 2 stripes on the back side plus a ”tail”-a tassel,which attaches to the belt.


Vintage outfit

For colder days,I needed vintagey jacket.So I dug this worn once long linen jacket out of my closet,cropped it short and then added the satin bows on lapels

Linen jacket with satin bow on lapels

Linen jacket with satin bow on lapels


Vintage outfit

and back


Vintagey look with see trough blue shirt

Here is the another  version of the outfit for warmer days.See trough blue T-shirt,originaly a sport top.


Shoe lace hair clip

This hip  hair clip is made of matching the outfit shoe laces.


Hair clip made from shoe laces

All twisted together to form a bow.


Hair clip made from shoe laces

Nothing like good ol’fabrics -wool and linen ,to make you feel realy vintagey.

Vintage Ga!lamour Gal at the Gala

Here is your Ga!lamour Gal at the Gala.In vintage and D.I.Y. creation.


Vintage Ga!lamour

Just playing and having fun with vintage clothing.And themes-70’s;-India;-80’s;-60’s
70’s -the skirt.
India-the chiffon shirt with silver sequins.
80’s  stretch glittering tube top –part of my aerobics outfit from the late 80’s(yes,I was one of those die- hard Jane Fonda aerobics craze fans,with  made by my mom woolen!!!!knitted legwarmers!(shudder!!!) and headband to boot-and it was NOT pretty…).)
Golden stretch belt with fuschia metal hearts and sequins flowers-made by me.
60’s-knitted vintage black and silver hand bag
and the ever present vintage sunglasses-for adding more drama(or laugh)


Vintage ga!lamour outfit

Variation of the same outfit- added  silver belt and wore the chiffon shirt tied in front


Vintage ga!lamour

Mixing the Un-say’s-who-mixable can be fun.
Ga!lamour definition here

Vintage brown leather and cream creation inspired by suitcase

Vintage creation with a touch of D.I.Y. Inspired by a vintage suitcase.Corset and pleated skirt,customized with leather flaps, crocheted gloves,glasses and hats-all vintage.All the pieces you see here were bought at the different times,but with the same thought in mind-to match the suitcase.So it took around half year to find the missing pieces.


Vintage brown leather and cream look 1

As per usual ,I first  buy the button and then build a coat around it.So to speak.In  that case my ”button”was the vintage suitcase.I found this leather and cream little case thrown!! on the street,in front of my local charity shop.Lucky for me,somebody doesn’t appreciate the slightly beaten up face of it and doesn’t care about history,so I rescued this real treasure.Next became the hunt for outfit to match  it’s vintageness.First came the midcalf length pleated vintage skirt,which I cut short.Followed by the same color corset.Too plain for my taste, I desided to add 2 thick leather flaps with little metal suspenders for more vintagey and matching my suitcase look


Vintage brown leather and cream look 2

For this look I added a  handbag,hat ,bow belt and crocheted gloves-all vintage.


Vintage brown leather and cream look 3

Here I put a cassette tape belt(not vintage,but cassette tapes are practically vintage nowadays,so that may count).Worn with different vintage hat(who by the way starred in this vintagey look- finish the look I added the vintage fur hand muff-also doubles as a bag,with little mirror inside.Vintage sunglasses.Two tone italian leather shoes-contemporary,but they give extremely vintage vibe.

Aaand that’s how this humble suitcase inspired me to put all this.It look good as a decoration in my living room and inside I store my leather scraps for future projects.It also looks good as a weekend trip stylish bag.Beauty and function in one.Perfect.

Vintage groove is in the heart summer outfit 2013

Here is my own fashion week SS2013 vintage look for this summer.Dress,sunglasses,scarf,wooden broche -all vintage.Also vintage edition of ”Antony and Cleopatra”(1961).

Vintage dress

Vintage dress

This ”groove is in the heart” look works best on a bad hair day-thus the scarf.

Vintage scarf and sunglasses

Vintage scarf and sunglasses

Or go au naturel with untreated,bushy hair-also vintage,since back then they didn’t have all the blow dry’s ,conditioners,and fancy salons…

Vintage dress

Vintage dress

Get groovy this summer…

Recycled bicycle tire outfit with a touch of vintage leather,spandex and golden chains

A.k.a. the 6 th way to wear all black outfit.(previous ways here


Bicycle tire creation

With mostly recycled materials.Mixing different textures.Rubber-apron,leather-jacket,gloves and shoes,spandex-leggings,chiffon- full skirt,velvet-cap,knitted sweater and glittering gold,gold gold anything-chains,belt,decorations on shoes and gloves,bag with golden chains.I know.Too much Mr.T influence.Then again,I’ve always been from the ”More is more” brigade,so bring it on..Inspired by Dexter (the apron!) and Mr.T (the chains)

Bicycle creation with leather bolero jacket

Bicycle tire apron creation with leather bolero jacket

In Holland every cat and dog rides bicycle, so it was only natural to use and old bicycle tires to create this look.


Bicycle tire apron and leather bolero

For the bolero leather jacket, I used  vintage leather jacket(circa 80’s) with huge sleeves.Big and dowdy,with lots of rhinestones applications(think Elvis from the 80’s?).So I cut the sleeves and sew them together.Then added the belt from the same jacket.Bam!Leather bolero made from sleeves alone.


Black rubber apron and leather jacket with golden chains

Demonstrating the full skirt feature of this outfit.Worn with spandex leggings.While trying to look DEXTER-esque with my rubber apron, putting a leather glove..Side note-I am a huge Dexter fan.


Rubber apron front and back view

For the apron,I cut the strips,then wove them and put the lining.Then made the suspenders.

Annd there you have it-my Dexter meets Mr.T outfit.

Creative fusion outfit-Vintage hat with veil,Modern sport top redefined and golden flower belt

Go for gold fusion outfit

Sport top slashed and braided

You don’t need to be an old lady to wear vintage grandma hat.
You don’t need to be bride or  a special occasion to wear  a birdcage veil.
You don’t need to be in the gym to wear a sport top on a formal(ish) occasion.
You don’t need to wear a flower hair piece on your hair only.
All you need is color sense,scissors and imagination.

Flower power belt

Belt-simple black belt,decorated with 3 big golden flowers(formerly hair pieces ,with the elastic cut out and sewn into the belt)

A view from the (slashed) top

Yellow-gold top-former sport top, very snug fit with lots of elastane.Cut horizontally with scissors on sleeves and middle part,then braided.

Golden girl with golden age hat and veil

Hat-vintage, with attached satin flower pin with birdcage veil.
Don’t be afraid of
occasion inappropriate?,
strictly 1 purpose?,
”you’ll look ridiculous”?notions-shmotions.
Do your own thing and go for the gold.

The Vintage Diaries-Men and the City

Vintage men’s fashion

Dandy’s in the city

I am smart and know it. Smartly dressed and smart-I know!!

Aaa,when casual was casually suited and jeans were not yet rooted…

Men in black,and they got the girl,or so they think.
Man 1-I am The-Looker,she is mine.
Man 2-I will throw down my glove,duel Looker- boy and win her over-she is mine!
The Man with the trilby in the background-Keep talking,bitches,I got the Money.She is mine.Done and done.
The (happy?)end.

Vintage bathing suits-5, beer belies-zero.

A gentleman must always have his suit jacket at the ready,
even during his daily workout with the shovel.It’s the law.

The Vintage Diaries -Beauty and the Beach

Late 40’s natural beauty – no sunscreen, no sunglasses,no padded bra’s,no plastic surgery,no straightened hair,not sucking the stomach in,no make up,naturally thin-due to post war food rationing

Handbag handy-check,Pretty dresses-check,Holding hands -check-
Ladies,start your engines paddles!