Californization , The Lakers and The Earthquake

Back in the days, when I was a kid , if the earthquake strike, people panic , grab quickly their most prized posesions and kids and cats and rushed on the street almost trampling each other in hurry to be the first out of the building, before it collapse and earth swallow us all  whole!!! And then for years to come everybody will reminiscent where were they at the Earthquake moment and make up stories and stuff…My , my how the times (O.k. and the continents ents) have changed…
Last night , while laying in bed with our laptops ( don’t judge) computing and stuff I felt some shaky-acky-breaky  movement and asked my husband if he is tapping with his feet , so the bed vibrates. His cool , calm and collected response was: ,,No, it’s just another earthquake,, and he continued his music composing activity…So did I , reassured that it’s nothing to worry about, since it’s our second quake, since we came here!! And yes , you can say our Californization is now complete…
Getting a Cali tan-check!
Getting a Lakers themed outfit-check!
Getting used to earthquakes – check!
Getting used to the sunny weather – check , check and hell yeah-check!
Getting used to the mountain-ny, canyoun-ny terrain-check!
What an AMAZING place to live…
We moved to Southern Cali ( Santa Clarita) and we are loving it…Quakes and all..


That red thingie  looks like a giant centipede-space ship-sewer pipe-industrial monster…I don’t know what it is , but posing with anonymous objects is always fun…


Especially when they match my outfit…And no this is not my car. I just love how the color matches my Lakers outfit…
My new favorite combo – purple and yellow…
Go Lakers!


Marry Christmas from the Valley!!!!

“Close some doors.
Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they no longer lead somewhere.” – Paulo Coelho

And that’s exactly what we did few weeks ago.Goodbuy rain,snow,wind,cold,gloom and doom!
We recently flew the Dutch nest and relocated for good in California!

Aaand just like that, your Dutch Girl is now a Valley Girl.(We live now in the valley)
Hello, good weather year round!
Hello,fresh papaya and mangoes.And kale.And coconuts.
So happy to be in California!!!!

I had a dream!And I dreamed it long enough till it came true!
This year, I didn’t wish for anything from Santa, since I got my biggest wish come true-to be able to live and work in
America, we love you!!
And we are so honored to be here!
God bless America!And marry Christmas!!
From California with love.And Orange christmas tree…

Christmas tree with oranges

Christmas tree with oranges

Here is to the new life.
And new beginings.
Never stop dreaming…