My New York fashion week gold and mermaid/petrolium peacock outfit

I wish! Just kidding,since I need something to cheer me up.I have a bad case of sewing- machine- attachment withdrawals.Due to it’s 220 V uncompatible-ness in US, I had to let this dear friend go,before me moved to Cali.So this outfit was in a way,it’s Swan song , before I heartlessly sold it to a stranger and  took cold hard cash (half price ) for it.I know.Harsh and heartless.It served me right all these years.And not a day went by without me using it(and cussing at it). I miss sewing soo much.But time will come…


As for time gone by, here is a blast form the past…


Velvet jacket-vintage.Originally I bought it as a long,heavy trench coat,but gave it the signature Easybreazy treatment-chop,crop,sew,re-sew and pimp,pimp,pimp it with a gold ornaments.The label on the jacket says made in West Germany, so it’s practically a piece of history (a real blast from the cold-war-era past), when Germany was divided by 2 parts-East and West Germany. And then there is The quality on that thing. UN-BE-LI-AVABLE! It really hurt when I had to defame it and cut all that heavy velvet with silk lining and perfect stitches…Whew!


The back side of the formerly trench coat became a ”mermaid tail” with lace.Or smocking jacket.Or something.


To complete the mermaid vibe,I added a petroleum sequinced collar to a black T with a slit in front.Petroleum bag-H&M.Vintage Ray Ban.Peacock hair piece.
Aand that was the” Gold-for-the-NY-cold-What-would-Easybreazy-wear” at NY fashion week look , haven I’ve been invited.
I play that game sometimes.Watching street photos from the Fashion week and think of the perfect,weather appropriate outfit.Dreaming…
Again-why wasn’t I invited?


Pink lady bug outfit with a touch of punk

I don’t know if pink lady bugs exist, but if they do ,that’s how they look in my book.


Pink lady bug outfit

I made the top from a children sport top with zipper,which I cropped short.Then sew the black ”bugs”-stones.


Pink Lady Bug outfit

The leftover pink pockets from the jacket ended up as a symmetrical pockets onto and old dress.


Pink Lady Big outfit

Back side of the dress and jacket


Pink Lady Bug outfit

I just happen to have the bug belt, so that came in handy.Also added my Guess heels with tassels and silver triangle heel end.

Black and pink lady bug outfit

Black and pink lady bug outfit

The fine-stretchy mesh and black velvet dots dress,used as underdress, completes the look.Pink  straps with big stones are  holding  the top dress up.

Must bug off now…After bugging you with my Pink-Lady-Bugginess…

Leather,Gold and Keyhole Outfit with a Touch of Metal and Shaggy Dog

Happy New Year to all You Creativists and Square Pegs in a round holes!!
Be weird.Be random.Be who you are.Because you never know who will love the person you hide.

Black leather with gold

Black leather with gold grommets skirt

Black leather scraps skirt with gold grommets and keyhole metal element.Hat with interchangeable metal attachment with blue stone.


Leather and gold shaggy dog outfit

Black shaggy jacket and shaggie-baggie.

Aaaand that was the 3d  way( + ) to wear all black outfit,without looking too dark-knighty.